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Nam Et Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est.
(Knowledge Itself Is Power)
Francis Bacon
AD 1561 - 1626

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MonaMandrill. Copyright (c) 1998 P.A.Grosse. All Rights Reserved.

ARE things getting a little weird where you are?

  • At work, are you in contact with secret information that the company that you work for wants to keep hidden from the authorities? - The Health and Safety Executive or perhaps the Environment Agency?
  • Have you found out things that the company would like to keep secret from the public? - Were they selling tear-gas to the South African Government during the Apartheid Regime?
  • Have you found that all copies of your training records have gone missing and without any explanation? Were they kept in two secure filing cabinets in two separate buildings? (More than coincidence?)
  • Are you being victimised?
  • Have reports on safety issues gone missing?
  • When you saw your boss last, did he act strangely? When you saw him in the supermarket, did he say 'I wouldn't buy food if I were you, it's too expensive.'
  • Does your company need to achieve some goal in the near future and the information that you have could prejudice their chances of getting it if the appropriate authority found out? Would you tell them? If the company acted 'poorly' towards you, should you tell them anyway?
  • Do you know that your boss is up to something? - Perhaps something that the Inland Revenue should know about?
  • Has your employer acted incompetently with regard to anything and you think that they would wish to'change reality' in order to make everything look all right?

Weird huh? Do you think that they may try to get rid of you and shut you up, that what they would gain by doing so would be worth more than playing it honestly?

Sed Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
(but who is to guard the guards themselves)
AD c.60 - c.130
IF that sounds weird, could this happen as well?
  • Malicious telephone calls (one of which is documented by the company and used in evidence against it).
    • The Personnel Manager telephoning and informing you that he will make sure that you never work again.
      • More malicious telephone calls.
  • An hour long bullying meeting (that you record covertly) where the managers make threats (that you get on tape).
  • Mail being redirected deliberately by someone in the Industrial Tribunal.
    • From correspondence between yourself and the person in charge of the tribunal, it appears to be something that is well known about.
      • Is this service extended to other comapnies on request or is it generally available?
  • A Senior manager (who was in on the bullying session) dies shortly after hearing the transcripts of the tapes.
  • An unsigned 'Proof Of Evidence' is produced by the company - making all manner of damning statements including statements that the manager who was supposed to have written it would have known to be false at the time of writing.
    • The company's solicitors admit that there is no signed copy.
    • All of the company evidence swings around to accommodate this new evidence.
      • Later analysis shows that it could not have been written as claimed.
  • One manager admits that he changed evidence before the computer consultants were able to make an image of the disc.
    • This is later repudiated by a surviving senior manager who changes his story when it is pointed out that a criminal act must have been performed by the company if his testimony was honest.
    • The story is changed again when the fraud squad is brought in to investigate large quantity of missing funds.
  • A falsified computer report that the consultant eventually admits (under oath) was made up by the company - he just signed it.
  • A senior union official dies just days before he is due to give damming evidence at the tribunal.
Is this the plot for some wild film script?
Is this about someone I met once?
Could this type of thing happen in real life?
Surely not . . .
Mutato Nomine De Te Fabula Narratur.
(change the name and the story is about you)
BC 65 - 8

IF you think that it may be happening to you . . .


  • Make copies of anything that you can think of, that could benefit your case (whatever you think that may turn out to be - you don't know what they are going to make up against you if they feel sufficiently threatened by you).
  • Carry a tape recorder around with you - keep it in your top pocket so that you can record meetings concerning your fate (it is amazing to see the look on a senior manager's face when a tape recorder tells everyone that he just lied under oath - myself and another journalist witnessed this happen once. That manager doesn't work there anymore)
  • Keep copies of important documents such as tapes off-site so that the company cannot fool the authorities into removing them from you.
  • Make notes of things that are said and events that happen as they happen - keep a diary.
  • Keep copies of computer file listings - it is too easy for managers to plant files and change date/time stamps. Computer forensic software does not make a true image of a disk, it only takes the digital information therefore if something has been deleted, this will not show up.
  • Telephone tapping - try feeding false, plausible but unique information into the telephone lines and see where it pops up again. I know of someone who thought that their telephone was being tapped so she talked about a ficticious demonstration - a very large number of riot police manned a bewildered small town one Saturday afternoon.
  • Get someone else involved so that they can see things that you cannot.
  • Don't put blind trust in the justice systems. On the whole, they do a good job but some people view them from a position of absolute power so keep contemporanious notes so that they can be called to order in the event that an injustice does occur.
  • For every innocent person that is convicted, a guilty one goes free. When a company realises that they still employ the person who commited the origianl offence, they look very uneasy (I have seen that one as well).

If you are lucky, you will never need to do any of this. If you are unlucky, you will wish you had.

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