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Purpose of the Water Rocket Index
Safety Guide
Complete Rockets
for you to build
Bottle Modifications
Recovery Systems --
Ball nosecones
and so on
Aerial Photography --
stills camera and
(a world first)
A self-contained,
water rocket mounted,
video camera.
See the footage.
Computer Model to download
along with:
HTML Help pages,
A palette editor,
problems to solve and
some icons.
PC Water Rocket Themes 
to download, including:
Screen Saver,
Wallpapers (4),
Desktop Icons (5),
Mouse Cursors (4),
Windows Sounds (17) and
a Water Rocket Utility TrueType Font.
AWARS WebRing GIF Logos
Frequently Asked Questions
Problems Page --
some common problems
discussed in more detail
What's New
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This water rocket site has over 71,000 words on the subject with a further
21,500 words to download in the HTML help pages for the computer model.
* Note that there is also a Water Rocket Font to download.
For UK primary schools, you can have your
own school's font to your own specification.
Click Here to go to the Fonts Page.
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