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Enter your search string - this can be a word or a phrase - and click on Search. This searches the site for words or phrases that you enter, it does not answer questions. If you Search for: "How do I play Mah Jong" and Match: "Any word", it will find all pages with the word "Mah" on (virtually every page on the whole site as almost every page has an index on it with the word "Mah" in it), every page that has "Jong" and so on.

If you want to find words that you think are in the description of a page then Match: "Any word" and Within: "Page descriptions". "Page Titles" is another effective "Within:" to narrow down a search. If you wnat to search the body of a page then select "All parts of page". If you are going to try this then start of being quite specific.

If you get too many results, you can make your search more specific whereas, if you get no results, check your spelling or try being more general - use less words in the search string.

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