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The Médaille d'Or. WebGraf Italian Web Design - The King Award. "Award e-sweet" (00).
3moons Castle Master of Magick Award. Team Creations. Silver Spheres Merit Award.
The Free Stuff for Canadian Teachers Award. Sabre's Edge Award. POW Pick of the Week Award.
The Planetpals "Safe Planet Award". Mesweet's Gold Award. Kristas Korner Bronze Award of Excellence.
Aloha Award. The Dr. Matrix Award for Science Excellence. Awebpage.com Award of Excellence.
The Standing Ovation Award. Southern Nytes Award of Elegance for May 2000. The Spider Food Award.
School Zone Award. Ramos Web Cool Sites Award. 2000-2001 Golden Web Awards.
ComputerUser.com Link of the Week. Chaney Graphics Dynamite Site Award. Spiffy Entertainment Silver Excellence Award for May 2000.
"SILVER 2000" Web Page Excellence Award.

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